Emergency Alert System

An online platform for managing and mobilizing rosters of emergency responders more efficiently.

The concept

Following a disaster, it can be challenging to alert and mobilize emergency responders. Most organizations struggle to rapidly coordinate with their rosters and identify the most qualified responders. Instead, there is much back-and-forth communication (sharing availability, location, required documents, etc.). This unnecessarily delays deployments. Cross-organizational collaboration is even more challenging as these problems become amplified.

Through extensive consultations with various humanitarian organizations and our own on-the-ground experience as emergency responders, we identified an opportunity to better support the management and mobilization of rosters.


EMALSYS has been designed to address the shortcomings of current practices in roster management. The platform is a tool for organizations to more efficiently manage their rosters, send alerts, and deploy staff. Members can create profiles, upload required documents, identify their availability, and respond to alerts. The platform makes deployment much easier, much faster, and much more efficient. It also provides a platform for organizations to identify and leverage additional surge capacity.


- Join emergency rosters and consulting pools (using a common profile)

- Receive alerts and be deployed

- Extend your humanitarian network

- Get recruited by leading humanitarian organizations!



- Manage emergency rosters and pools of consultants

- Send real time alerts (via app push, email, and SMS)

- Deploy staff to the field

- Create and manage shared rosters

- Identify and recruit new skilled personnel



Track Disasters

Manage Rosters

Send Alerts

Deploy Staff

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