Emergency Alert System

Test the App !

The EMALSYS App is available on Google Play.

You can begin testing the app today and contribute to the development of this tool.


The EMALSYS App is a free complementary tool for the EMALSYS.net platform. It provides registered roster members with the ability to quickly respond to emergency alerts and notifications via their smartphones.

Via the EMALSYS App, users can:

  • Register to the EMALSYS.net platform
  • Join public rosters
  • Upload required documents
  • Receive alerts and notifications
  • Show availability


Register for free

See Rosters

Apply Rosters

Track Disasters

Receive Alerts

Set your availability

How do I test the Emalsys App ?

Technical requirements : This alpha version is currently only available for Android devices.

To download and start testing the App, follow these 5 steps using your mobile:

  1. Visit emalsys.net/testapplication
  2. Open this link on your browser
  3. Log in to the Play Store
  4. Select "Become a Tester"
  5. Download the EMALSYS App

You will remain a tester until you leave the Alpha Program.

Please carefully read the User agreement and Terms and Conditions of use before using Emalsys.net!