Emergency Alert System


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What is EMALSYS?

The Emergency Alert System (EMALSYS) is a roster management tool designed for organizations involved in emergency response. It assists with managing, mobilizing, and deploying staff to the field.

Who is this system designed for?

EMALSYS has been primarily designed for humanitarian organizations to manage their emergency response teams more effectively. It can be used by any organization dealing with crisis management deploying staff to the field. The tool also works for internal and external pools of consultants/staff.

What does EMALSYS do?

It provides a tool for managers to better coordinate and mobilize staff or consultants. It allows roster member to keep in touch with their rosters, keep their profile up-to-date and be ready for deployment in case of emergency.

Why is this needed?

Through extensive consultations with leading INGOs, UN agencies, and government bodies, we are aware there is a lack of technological tools for coordinating humanitarian response. Our own experience as emergency responders inspired us to develop a tool to improve roster management and mobilization. It is a complementary tool for current working practices and can be easily integrated into organizations.


Where can I learn to use the system?

We do our best to keep a Wiki guide up-to-date. Our team is dedicated to help and assist organizations and users to use the system. We can provide free-of-charge support, such as handholding and remote assistance to subscribers. We are glad to help organizations through the initial steps. We are regularly updating EMALSYS and additional functionality is regularly integrated into the system. If you need further guidance, please contact us.


Our organization would like to use EMALSYS with our branding. Is this possible?

The platform is designed to reach a broad, inclusive community of emergency responders. However, it is possible for organizations to brand sub-domains or create private rosters. Contact us for specific details about branding.


Can we request custom features or developments?

The general aim is to add all new features into the global platform, however we understand organizations may have rather specific requirements. We are glad to discuss options for these developments.


Is EMALSYS a secure platform?

Yes, the system utilizes SSL (https://) and the latest technologies to secure the platform. We have back-up servers for further protection.

All access is User Name and Passcode protected, and secured by SSL protocols with 256-bit data encryption for secure communications.

How do you ensure the data is safe and protected?

Our servers are located in France and comply with all relevant data protection French and European laws and regulations.

Can we integrate EMALSYS on to our own servers?

Yes, EMALSYS can be deployed on external server. We recommend using the main emalsys.net platform to benefit from all EMALSYS features (shared rosters, access to broader pool of experts, etc.).


We are interested in using EMALSYS but need training, can you help?

The system has been designed to be user-friendly and simple to use. However, we understand additional support may be useful for organizations adopting new technologies or integrating with existing databases. We are glad to provide remote and/or in-person trainings to assist your team learn about the platform. General customer service is available via email/chat between 9am-6pm CET, Monday-Friday.


How much does it cost for roster members?

Nothing! The system is completely free for roster members.

Which package is best for us?

The system is free for managers (up to 5 rosters), but additional features are available for organizations which require more functionality. Subscribers can benefit from discounts with annual commitments.

Do you offer discounts for small organizations which could benefit from EMALSYS?

Yes, we try to ensure EMALSYS is available for humanitarian/development organizations of all sizes. For details, please share more information with us about your requirements.

How do I purchase a package?

Packages should be paid via bank transfer directly to Relief Applications, the organization managing the system.

About us

Who designed EMALSYS?

EMALSYS was designed by a French Non-profit NGO for the humanitarian sector.

Who developed EMALSYS?

EMALSYS has been developed and is maintained by Relief Applications, a tech organization providing tools for humanitarian and development organizations.