Welcome to the Emergency Alert System (EMALSYS)

Getting Started as Emergency Responder

You can either create an account on the website, or register after receiving an invitation by mail from an organisation.

Create an account on the website

On the main page you can join as a user and follow the instructions:

Then complete the registration form with your information.


After entering your details and password you will receive an email from admin@emalsys.net, follow the link to validate your account and log in.

Register after receiving an invitation

You should have been invited to join an organisation by receiving  an email from alert@emalsys.net.
Just follow the link, enter your details, and validate your email. You will be logged in your organisation secured portal.

If you do not see the email please check you spam folder: on Gmail or on Hotmail.

invitation mail

You are in! Start exploring all the features of Emalsys!

For more technical information check out the User Guide !


Emalsys Responder is also an app!

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